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US State Dept concerned over media situation in Nepal - Republica

“Nepal has a tradition of free and open media, which is part of Nepal's history of free and open debate and discussion about culture, politics, and history.” The official added that “It is important for the Nepali people and the health of Nepal's ...

Nepal to investigate civil war crimes - BBC News

BBC News
The two commissions set up to investigate crimes committed during Nepal's civil war have received nearly 57,000 submissions, but many victims are sceptical about getting justice. The United Nations has already said it will not support the process as it ...

Crimes of war

The two commissions set up to investigate crimes committed during Nepal's civil war have received nearly 57,000 submissions but many victims are sceptical about getting justice.

Chris Bonebrake focuses on 'The Faces of Nepal' - Waynesboro Record Herald

Waynesboro Record Herald
Six years after beginning studies at a Tibetan Buddhist Center in Poolesville, Maryland, where he lived at the time, Bonebrake flew to Nepal to spend a year teaching American English at a Tibetan monastery. He was heart-broken when a serious intestinal ...

In Italy’s Earthquake Zone, Love of Place Trumps Safety

An Italian engineer explains why, facing perpetual earthquake risk, many people in Italy’s ancient vulnerable towns stay put.

After exciting spring, Nepal set to embrace autumn climbing - Himalayan Times

Himalayan Times
KATHMANDU: More than 100 foreign climbers along with their high attitude workers are all set to attempt to climb the world's eighth highest peak in western Nepal, Mt Manaslu, in the autumn season (September-November) this year. According to expedition ...

Nepal's Sherpas rebuild Swedish mountain paths - The

"We have done this work for generations, in our home town too, so we're used to the work," said Ang Tempe, from Sherpa village Kunde in Nepal, who has guided climbers in the Himalayas for years. "The work here is somewhat better paid, but above all it ...

Why Nepal was not colonised - The Kathmandu Post

The Kathmandu Post
India's Independence Day also reminds me of the Anglo-Nepali War that lasted from 1814-1816. It is also known as the Gurkha War. The war was waged by the Nepalis against the East India Company because of border disputes and ambitious expansionism ...

Rhino 500D steel rebar launched in Nepal - Republica

KATHMANDU, Aug 25: Jagadamba Steels Pvt Ltd, on Wednesday, launched the Rhino 500D Steel Rebar in Nepal. Issuing a statement, Jagadamba Steels said the newly-launched 500D rebar is 'the new generation high-strength and ductile-ribbed ...

Nepal May Ban Everest Summit Fakers - Seeker

They would also be banned from visiting Nepal to climb for at least a decade, an under-secretary told the paper. Two Sherpas who were with Rathods face getting de-listed from the climbing record. It's unclear whether the company that led the expedition ...