After Deadly Jam on Everest, Nepal Delays New Safety Rules

The country said it would toughen regulations after several climbers died last year. But the rules will not go into effect this spring, and climbers want to know why.

As New Cases Surge, Businesses Face Grim Fallout

With four fatalities in Iran and a spike in infections in South Korea, concerns about the virus’s effect on the global economy intensified.

Coronavirus Live Updates: South Korea Cases Surge to 204 Infections

The number of confirmed cases in the country, many connected to a single church, doubled in just a day.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Fears of Global Spread as Cases Accelerate in Iran and South Korea

Iran acknowledged 18 cases in three cities, with four fatalities, and a surge in cases in South Korea was linked to a secretive church.

Everest: Top Sherpas slam Nepal's plan to clean rubbish from mountain

The government wants to collect 35,000kg of waste - along with bodies - from six Himalayan peaks.

Visit Nepal's yeti: How mythical creature divided Himalayan nation

An idea to bring more tourists to Nepal has ended in a row over what a yeti actually looks like.

Nepal avalanche: Snow hampers search for missing South Korean trekkers

Helicopters are sent to Annapurna region amid poor weather conditions and plunging temperatures.

Avalanche in Nepal Leaves at Least 7 Missing

Four South Koreans and three Nepali guides were swept away, and 30 other people were rescued, officials said.

Los comerciantes de la sed

En Nepal y en muchos otros países, como Bolivia e India, las empresas privadas de camiones cisterna se han beneficiado de la escasez de agua.

The Merchants of Thirst

In Nepal and many other countries, private tanker operators profit from growing water scarcity.