Nepal avalanche: Snow hampers search for missing South Korean trekkers

Helicopters are sent to Annapurna region amid poor weather conditions and plunging temperatures.

Avalanche in Nepal Leaves at Least 7 Missing

Four South Koreans and three Nepali guides were swept away, and 30 other people were rescued, officials said.

Los comerciantes de la sed

En Nepal y en muchos otros países, como Bolivia e India, las empresas privadas de camiones cisterna se han beneficiado de la escasez de agua.

The Merchants of Thirst

In Nepal and many other countries, private tanker operators profit from growing water scarcity.

Lesson of the Day: ‘Just 700 Speak This Language (50 in the Same Brooklyn Building)’

In this lesson, students will consider the languages in their community and how language can be a way to preserve culture and tradition.

Just 700 Speak This Language (50 in the Same Brooklyn Building)

Seke, one of the world’s rarest languages, is spoken by about 100 people in New York.

Un viejo tabú sobre la menstruación la mató

Por primera vez en Nepal, las autoridades arrestaron a un hombre que obligó a su cuñada a recluirse en una choza fría durante su período menstrual.

An Old Menstruation Taboo Killed Her. This Time, a Man Went to Jail.

In a first for Nepal, the authorities have arrested a man who forced his sister-in-law to sleep out in a cold hut during her period.

Nepal man arrested over death of woman in 'menstruation hut'

It is believed to be the first-ever arrest for the centuries-old practice, which was outlawed in 2005.

Nepal’s Animal-Sacrifice Festival Slays On. But Activists Are Having an Effect.

With officials cracking down, the number of animals slaughtered during the Gadhimai festival has dropped sharply over the years.