Police raid 'Buddha boy' ashram in Nepal

Authorities in Nepal raided one of the ashrams of a spiritual leader -- whose supporters believe he is the reincarnation of Buddha -- while investigating the disappearance of four of his followers.

Nepal woman and children die in banned 'menstruation hut'

The Nepalese woman was banished to an outhouse during her period, despite the practice being banned.

Woman and 2 Children Die in Nepal Menstruation Hut

The three were the latest victims of a centuries-old tradition of banishing menstruating women and girls from their family homes, despite Nepal’s criminalizing the practice last year.

How Nepal's stunning beauty could encourage kids to stay in school

Three years ago, Ganga Limbu could see little future beyond her hometown in eastern Nepal.

Pioneering medics who drove across the world

In 1968, 11 young British doctors and nurses drove to Nepal and helped set up services running to this day.

Nepal bus crash: Students among 23 dead after field trip

The students and teachers were returning from a field trip when the bus plunged into a ravine.

Meet Nepal's daredevil honey hunters

When bees nest on a cliff face hundreds of metres above the ground, there's only one way to gather their sweet produce.

Nepal eyes world record with Dead Sea of plastic bags

Volunteers make a map of the Dead Sea out of 100,000 used plastic bags collected in Kathmandu.

Teaching Children Regardless of Grade

Educators in a remote valley in India devised a community approach to instructing students when teachers were sparse. It’s catching on.

Nepal festival celebrates 'day of the dogs'

Kukur Tihar honours dogs as they are considered to be the most loyal friends to humans.